We’ve Never Been Satisfied with Merely Selling Green Products,
but also with Marketing Products to Sell Green!

Fads are overnight sensations that often fizzle out as quickly as they began. Going Green is the latest catch phrase in an environmental movement to safeguard our natural resources, but Target Marketing Group isn’t jumping on the bandwagon for what might be a short-lived ride. We’ve been going green for more than 20 years and will continue to offer eco-friendly products as part of our long-term commitment to advertise responsibly without straining our natural resources.

Going green isn’t a movement at TMG—it’s a lifestyle, and it’s our social obligation to encourage Americans to make it part of their lifestyles too. When we work together to accomplish your advertising goals through green-thinking and planning, your message is dynamically conveyed without compromising environmental sustainability.

While we hope the Going Green movement remains entrenched in the American lifestyle, we can guarantee that you will always be able to count on TMG to offer you the newest and the best eco-friendly products on the market. Our experience in this sector of the marketplace is second to none. Our expertise, combined with competitive pricing, product quality, reliability, and exemplary customer service, means we’ll remain an unswerving pillar in the green arena—even if other bandwagons change course. You can count on us, so please contact us today. We'd appreciate the opportunity to work with you in developing a Green Promotion.


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